Domestic Projects

We undertake a wide variety of structural design work and small scale domestic projects are an essential part of our practice portfolio demanding as much attention to detail and expertise as any of our major commercial schemes.

As a domestic client you may need a structural engineer for a number of reasons, and the information below will provide further details of the services we offer for typical enquiries.

"If your home improvement or domestic project involves the alteration of your property's structure, then you will need a structural engineer"

A structural engineer is a professional advisor, similar to a solicitor or accountant. Sought at the right time, our advice can save you time, and money. Many domestic clients only undertake one building project in their lifetime, and we are here to help you, along with your architect, to deliver that project on time and on budget.

You should not leave the appointment of the structural engineer to the last minute, nor should you consider the structural engineer to be a subcontractor to the builder. We are here to help and advise you.

We carry out a large number of small projects for domestic clients. Typically these range from structural design of complete new houses, foundation solutions in difficult ground conditions, through loft conversions and property extensions, down to design of a single beam or lintel for removal of a section of wall.

Normally on such projects, we produce the calculations necessary to obtain Building Regulations approval of structural matters. We also produce drawings, sketches and/or specifications to describe the structural elements to the architect and builder.

Domestic Structural Enginneering FAQs

If your home improvement or domestic project involves any of the following, then you need a structural engineer:

  • removing load-bearing walls or chimney stacks
  • cutting timbers out of a roof structure
  • widening doorways or windows
  • or building on soft or contaminated ground, or near large trees

This ensures that any job requiring a new structure is safe, or that an alteration will not affect the safety of the existing building. A proficient builder or professional architect will have a good idea of whether you need to call a structural engineer or not - alternatively, while you're getting building regulations sorted out, ask your local authrority whether a structural engineer is required.

An architect works with the form and function of a building, very much like a designer who creates a building layout. Whilst they will be able to come up with ways of making the structural engineer's recommendations fit onto the plans, they do not have the engineering know-how to assess the safety their recommendations or alterations. Having a structural engineer's report on your project will help you when you come to sell your property and overcome concerns that solicitors often have regarding structural changes to the building

A chartered engineer is a qualified member of a professional institution carrying a royal charter. It carries the reassurance that the individual concerned has undertaken a rigorous qualification process in order to practice as an engineer. The word chartered can only apply to an individual, not a company. Chartered Engineers are entitled to use the suffix CEng after names as a means of emphasising their status with the Engineering Council

In addition to our design work, we prepare reports on properties.

Many of these are for domestic clients who have been advised by surveyors to seek a structural engineer's opinion in connection with a house purchase. We pride ourselves on offering a fast, responsive and cost-effective service.

We have experience gained over many years of house types in and around Leeds and Yorkshire, and are able to bring this expertise to the investigation of potential problems or deficiencies, and advise on appropriate remedial measures.

For prompt and personal service and advice on all aspects of building and construction.
Services Offered include:

  • Structural Engineering Investigations, Assessments, Appraisals and Reports
  • Structural Design of New Build, Extensions and Alterations to Existing Structures
  • Preparation of Specifications and Details for Remedial Works e.g. Repairs, Underpinning or Strengthening.
  • Preparation of Structural Drawings, Sketches and Calculations for Building Regulations, Tender and Construction.

Structural Design

We undertake designs and calculations for any conventional building material – timber, masonry, concrete and steel. We are experienced in preparing designs and undertaking calculations for new buildings, conversions, extensions and alterations to existing buildings whatever their size, condition and use.

We can provide the necessary plans, calculations and specifications suitable for your builder's use and submission to the Local Authority for Building Regulation approval.

Domestic Structural Engineering
Domestic Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Inspections

We undertake Structural Engineering Inspections on most building types.

A Structural Engineering Inspection is a comprehensive inspection of the structural elements of a building. This type of inspection considers the: Construction, Ground Conditions, Nearby Trees and Shrubs, Foundations, Subsidence, External Walls, Internal Walls, Structural Alterations, Extensions and Retaining Walls.

We can visit the property, provide a detailed written report on the condition of these areas and identify the cause of any defects The report will also include our recommendations for remedying any defects and/or suggest areas where a more intrusive investigation is necessary.

Some Domestic Projects of Ours

Hambleton Restoration

Restoration of a 19th century cottage

Huddersfield Renovation

Renovation and part reconstruction of a stone barn.

Kippax Extension

Single storey extension to form a sun lounge.

Liversedge Investigation

Investigation of a large stone Victorian villa.

Woodlesford Investigation

Investigation following a vehicle impact.

Kirkheaton New Build

A new-build large dwelling.

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